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Our offer

Our offer we address to shipmanagement companies and private yachts and boats Owners, who are interrested to rearrange or additionaly equipe vessels or repair wooden decks. We can perform below listed works:

    Scope of work – interior:
  • demollition
  • lining fitting of all types
  • insullation fitting
  • floors building of all technologies
  • bathrooms including sanittary equipment fitting
  • lighting fitting
    Carpenters and upholstery jobs:
  • vessel’s and work stations furniture fabrication and fitting
  • bedrooms equipment
  • messroom and saloon equipment
  • galley and storage rooms equipment
  • other equipment described by customer
    Wooden decks
  • wooden decks fitting
  • wooden decks sealing
  • decks reconditioning
    Thin sheet metal works:
  • plates cutting
  • plates bending
  • plates bending

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